Junior Achievment International
A vocational training program of Junior Achievement International(JAI) JA will be introduced primarily in the High School at first, it is designed to increase the understanding of youths regarding entrepreneurial endeavors and the factors requisite to success, including:

  • The important of market driven economies.
  • The role of business in a global economy.
  • The commitment of business to environmental and social issues.
  • The practice of business to operate in an ethical manner.
  • The relevant of education in the workplace and impact of economies on their future.

JA is a proven catalyst as development countries everywhere realize their future is to be part of a growing global economy. It will furnish tools and skills enable youths to realize their future. Students learn by doing. This program will provide them with decision making skills, company formation, background, market place experience and the important of team work. They will learn economic competence and become more self-sufficient.