Operating Expenses
  • Contribution: Since the beginning up to the present time all members and associates except staffs have been working on a volunteer basis as well as contributing their own funds to finance the Foundation.
  • Membership dues: Since the inception date a monthly membership dues have been established consisting of actives and support associates.
  • Financial Aid: Direct monthly or annually monetary donated from various overseas Vietnamese publicly and or privately corporations and professional groups. This Program was discontinued during the year of 2002.
  • Fairs and Exhibitions: Oriented toward the sale of public donated art works and other products and equipment.
  • Musical Concert: Organized and presented by the Vietnamese professional singers and musicians.
  • Dinner Shows: We organized dinner shows semi-annually that offered food services, music, professional singers performance and dance for entertainment. These events were primarily held for overseas Vietnamese communities throughout the USA and other countries with large Vietnamese populations such as Canada, France, Germany and Australia. We were received generous support from the Vietnamese owners, entertainment centers, restaurants, night clubs by providing us the use of their facilities for a nominal fee or free of charge.
  • There are four million overseas Vietnamese scattered across many continents. Most of them are very emotionally attached to their families that were left behind, and feel very strong for their motherland and its people. They are very compassionate and are always ready and willing to participate in charity programs to helps the poor and needy families back home. As time goes on, most of them have successfully built their lives abroad and can now afford to give back. Since 1985 until the present time the average money they are sending back home is 12 billion USD annually.
  • Network of Vietnamese philanthropistsOver time we have been built up a network of Vietnamese philanthropists consisting of overseas Vietnamese professionals from all walks of life around the globe. They have become our regular active members on call when a project is approved and needs funding. Sometimes they are not only providing the financial aid but also participate in the projects when they have time.