In The United States Of America
The following are the principal activities of the organization since 1975 until we officially created a Non-Profit Organization on 1989.

  • During the first 14 years from July 1975 -1989 we concentrated on VN war victims and refugees’ assistance and support for the former Army Republic of Veteran (ARVN) through helping them adjust to the new environments, starting with the confined mode in the forbidden refugee camps throughout South East Asia and ending in smooth transition into new broaden life in the host countries
  • Provide guidance to gradually integrate them into the mainstream through a ’phased’ approach.
  • Provide education (ESL, Vocational training, Career and Professional seminars)
  • Provide nutrition specially for children and women.
  • Provide healthcare and disease prevention.
  • Assist and support overseas Vietnamese socialist country in regard to the development of the following sectors: education, western culture, social services, religion and social economies.
  • Create a “People of Vietnam “emergency fund the urgent needs of shortterm humanitarian projects. Such activities would include but are not
  • limited to the following:

    1. Cash grants for short period of time and their families at home.
    2. Food and material donations such as temporary shelters.
    3. Individual and group counseling.
    4. Educational scholarships.
    5. Medicines and treatments their families at home


From September 1992 to December 1995 , in the collaboration with our professional members and associates , we provided vocational training, professional seminars, business administration and management, banking and project financing , computer skills, marketing, sales and distribution, import and export, business law ,accounting, turnkey-manufacturing, and small business enterprises development and support including job placement with the general purposes of helping them to financial self-support ,in the collaboration with our professional associates in the communities.


From 1995 up to 2000, we sponsored a group of Army Republic of Army Veterans to create another non-profit organization called the Brotherhood of the Army Republic of Vietnam Volunteer Organizations

Provide physical, social and financial aid to support assist humanitarian programs for the Army of Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) disabled veterans, their war orphans and widows.

Acting as a bridge between a) disable veterans, their war orphans and widows and distressed families in Vietnam and b) overseas Vietnamese people,
Vietnam war veterans, U.S. governmental agencies, other NGO’s, various group nations, private and public multi-national organizations to provide financial aid and relief programs to assist them in healing their emotional and physical wounds.

Promote and Cooperating with various individual groups, organizations, other NGO’s, law makers, private and governmental organizations to participate in the humanitarian programs for Vietnamese disabled veterans, war orphans, widows and war victims left behind in Vietnam.


We ceased our activities when the president of the organization passes away and the other non-profit
organizations took over our program and continuing it until today.

In VietNam
We began our operations in Vietnam since April 1989. At beginning we concentrate in charity projects to take care of immediate needs of the people in Vietnam. In April 1989, we created a Vietnam Emergency Fund with three principal purposes:


  • Emergency cash assistance to meet urgent short-term needs of people with chronic illnesses requiring hospitalization, intensive care and medicines.
  • Provide foods, temporary shelters, clothing, healthcare of disaster victims from floods, fires, droughts etc. in the remote and disadvantage areas across of Vietnam
  • Providing long term & periodic financial aid, food supplies, medical assistance to needy people living in the remote and disadvantages areas in the central and southern Vietnam, including but limited to orphanages. Aged and disabled persons living at home with or without dependents.
  • Providing long-term financial aid, clothing, tuition, school supplies breakfast and lunches for school-aged children of poorest of the poor families in the remote and disadvantage areas in the central and southern of Vietnam.