The Foundation has its priority to effectively mobilize all existing resources as well as creating new one in order to fulfill the following Foundation’s objectives:

  • Promoting rapid and sustainable economic growth while ensuring social progress and equality particularly in developing agriculture and rural areas through private sectors, ensuring food security, creating new jobs, new opportunities, greater support to women, children in the remote and disadvantage areas and eliminating regional and ethnic inequities.
  • Providing education and vocation training to promote economic literacy to small business owners and the youth to increase their understanding in entrepreneurial endeavors and the require factors to succeed in the free market economy.
  • Beneficiaries will be given tools and skills enabling them to realize their future as part of the growing global economy.
  • Equalizing business environment and sustainable economic development of small and medium-sized enterprises through their future and project development and finance.
  • Supporting structural reforms particularly State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) through privatization and restructuring “income & export growth and developing overseas” niche markets to distribute local products.
  • Assisting human developing and reducing inequality with priority to quantifiable access to health, education services, gender equality, improvement of ethnic & rural people’s livelihoods. Thus, our overall focus is on urban poverty particularly health care, employment, income, and ensuring access to these services.